Testable Code

For the past month or two, I’ve been almost completely absorbed by the idea of writing testable code. Dependency injection and unit tests have been on my mind a lot as I have tried to ensure that the code I produce is, not only of top notch quality to begin with, but easily testable.

Yesterday evening, when I got home from installing and demoing the system we developed as a school project (I might write something about that later), I signed on to YouTube and checked my subscriptions and recommended videos. One video in particular caught my eye – “The Clean Code Talks — Inheritance, Polymorphism, & Testing”. In the video, a Google employee called Miško Hevery talked about ways to keep your code clean and testable. He proposed that one should try to limit ones usage of IF-statements and, where applicable, utilize polymorphism instead. I found the video very intriguing and decided to search for more talks by Mr Hevery. Since yesterday evening, I have watched several of his talks and found his ideas really interesting, but coming from a coding background where I’ve been using patterns like Singletons and barely ever writing unit tests for my code, it will probably take some time for me to adapt.

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