Status Update

Sorry for not writing in a while. My studies at the University has been taking up a lot of time these last few days and when I’m not working on school projects, I’m busy working on personal projects (like the “super secret” one). Today has been the first day in a pretty long time that I’ve actually just sat down and relaxed. I played some XCOM: Enemy Unknown and had a cup of coffee while listening to Mozart’s piano sonata no 16.

Tomorrow, the guy I’m going my “degree project” with and I are going to install and demo the system we’ve been developing for the company that we’ve been working for/with. That means travelling about 270 km (one way). We’re staying the night just to make sure that we have as much time as possible getting everything set up since we’re handing everything  (Finished product, documentation and source code) over to the company after we’re done.

After we’ve delivered everything to the company, we’re going to write a report on these last 5 months detailing and evaluating our work process and the finished product among other things. Once that is over with, I’m ready to step out in to the world and make a difference and that feels really good.

I’ll try to post something more today, but we’ll see if I remember to.

Much <3,

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