Hummus Monday

I love hummus – it’s great! You can eat it as an appetizer, as the main dish, as a dip or sauce or even as a dessert (I don’t know if most people would agree with that last one, but I could eat hummus for dessert). It’s really tasty and really nutritious.  For those of you who don’t know, hummus is made from chickpeas (Hummus is actually Arabic for chickpeas), t’hina and a few other ingredients. I make a batch of hummus every other week or so, but I want to make it more often.

Today is a hummus day and I’m in the middle of making it. I just finished the t’hina (sesame seed paste) and I’m cooking the chickpeas. A while back, I found this great recipe for hummus on a blog called simply “The Hummus Blog” and, while I do not follow it to the letter, the result is truly amazing.

I usually eat hummus as a snack or mini-meal and serve it on a plate with chopped parsley and olive oil. Sometimes I eat it on its own and sometimes I eat it with bread (either pita or sour-dough  bread), but regardless of how I eat it, I savour every single mouthful.

Try it yourself – it’s great!

Much <3,

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